Help! I have Shiny Story Syndrome.

I have a confession to make. I am an addict. I am addicted to starting stories. When I first sit down with that beautiful shiny idea and my brain smells like a new car, its like an unbeatable high. The first few thousand words flow out of my mind, through my fingers and onto the blank page slicker than snot on a doorknob. The characters don’t just speak they sing. The setting is as clear as day, the plot moves like its on rails, and all is right and fine with the world.

Then inevitably it happens. Ill be 10 maybe even 20 or 30 thousand words in and it happens. I get another idea, and while I still like my current one, the new idea is new. It’s shiny. Its seductive and different and oh so clever. And so my work on the last idea starts to slow down, the characters aint quite so vivid, the setting not nearly so clear. So I figure, you know what? Lets take a break just for a little while, get the outlines of this new idea, the timbre of this new voice on paper, and I’ll come back to this. I’ll just bet you can guess what happens next. Yup. As soon as I’m 10 or 20 or 30 thousand words in, the next new idea strikes. And its new. Its shiny. Its…. you get the picture. Which is why I have a metric screw-ton of half finished drafts and not one completed work. Is there something wrong with me or does this happen to everyone? And much more importantly how do I deal with it? I’m specifically look for advice from all the successful authors (and by successful I mean you have actually finished something, possibly even published it) I am FB friends with or who might see this post on WP.


Some folks cant be reached.

I know, it sucks. You have a friend, a good friend. He isn’t some brain dead libtard. He isn’t  some moronic berkleyite. He might be more accomplished than you. Hell, he might even be a better man than you. He just has that one subject that he just isn’t capable of thinking about rationally. Maybe its unions, maybe its the “black movement”, maybe it’s Bernie. But despite this, you two are still friends, If anyone ever came for him or his, you would gladly die firing downrange. And despite it all you know god damned well if anyone ever came for you he would do the same.

So how do you deal? Do you pull the cuckish “we agree to disagree” BS? That aint gonna work cause y’all aint bitches, and no matter how hard y’all try to avoid politics its going to come up. You don’t back down because you aint no cunt, and he don’t cause neither is he. So the time comes, you wont back down and neither will he, but you don’t want to beat him into paste because he your boy, and he doesn’t wanna because you are his.

So then what? If you’re smart you walk away. If he is he does. The next day, you walk up to him, look him in the eye, and hug him like the brother he is. Because you both know that no matter much you disagree, when the shit hits the fan, he’s gonna be there for you, and if anyone ever fucks with him they going to have to go through you first. If you got a friend like that you get this, if you don’t…. I just feel sorry for you.

Signal Boost.

Jon Del Arroz is a science fiction writer who has recently been blackballed by his home convention Baycon, His own publisher is refusing to work with him anymore. What horrendous crime, what vile treachery, what utter deviant sin did he engage in to be so hated? He voted for Trump, and didn’t apologize. I don’t know this guy, and I have yet to read his books, though I will be buying them shortly just to spite the fascist left; but if you have a blog, link to his, if you’re looking to try a new author, give his new book a try. If we don’t stand together against these “people” they win. When we support each other we win.


Betsy DeVos Vs Morons.

This is a heartfelt message to all of America’s “overworked, underpaid” teachers. Now before I deliver this message I need you to face the nearest mirror, and look deep into your own eyes. And now tell yourself the one thing you have needed to hear all your professional life. “You are, most likely, a lazy fucking moron”. Oh I know you think you’re very hard working, but lets face it, you took a career track that lets you take 3 fucking months off per year, most likely because it allowed you to take three whole fucking months off per year. I realize you like to think that because you are an “educator” that you must be intelligent. So lets look at what you actually teach. The vast majority of what you teach is shit that the rest of us learned in our fucking childhood. Oh you think you’re smart because you teach high school chemistry. You’re teaching shit so basic most working chemists don’t even use it anymore. You think you’re smart because you teach high school math? Bitch I was doing algebra in my fucking head when I was sixteen goddamned years old. What makes it even worse is that you fucking morons couldn’t even teach the fucking basics if the answers to every problem you give your students weren’t printed in the back of the “teachers edition” textbooks you’re given. You know why they put the answers in the back of the textbooks you drooling mongoloids get; because the makers of said textbooks know that if they didn’t you window licking, self righteous, fucktards wouldn’t know what the correct answer was if it came up behind you and bit you on your corpulent, over sized asses. You aren’t underpaid, you’re getting paid exactly what you intellectually challenged cunts are worth.


Now maybe you think I’m being mean, or being unfair. Really? Cause the facts say that the absolute dumbest people on any given campus are, wait for it, education fucking majors. Now I’m sure some of my readers, the ones who understand economics, may point out that teaching is a very low paid field, which will skew peoples choices as to what to study. I agree that is true, but going back to my earlier point ask yourself this, how fucking smart do you have to be to teach kindergarten? If you know your ABC’s and can count to twenty, you can teach kindergarten. Middle School? Doesn’t exactly require much in the way of intelligence, since the average twelve year old is expected to be able to learn it. High School? I submit that if a subject can be understood by teenagers whose raging hormones basically make rational thought impossible it probably doesn’t take much fucking intelligence to teach that shit.

S0, now that we have established that teachers are, for the most part, blithering fucking idiots, let us move on to Betsy Devos. The teachers unions, and the democrats, have blasted this woman because she has no experience as an educator, put her own kids into private schools, and wants to expand charter schools. Well, since we’ve established that most teachers are fucking retards, and we all know that public schools in america are absolute shit, and that charter schools and homeschooling reliably gives children a better education than public schools, and that private schools do even better still; we can conclude that Betsy Devos is a damned sight smarter than her imbecilic fucking  critics. For one she didn’t major in education She majored in Business Administration and Political Science, which while not STEM subjects still rank far higher on the average IQ scale than fucking education majors. Second, she was smart enough not to subject her own children to the shit factory that is the public school system. Finally, she is a major supporter of the one and only alternative to the public school system that most of the urban poor will ever have access to, which means she is a damned sight more compassionate that the lazy, greedy dumb asses in the teachers unions.

Which is of course the real issue, you see teachers, and the teachers unions are reliable contributors to the democratic party, which in return funnels more and more money into the education system, despite the results getting poorer and poorer. Which is why the US spends more on education than any other developed country while still getting shitty results. That is what the opposition to Betsy Devos is really about folks. Money. Filthy fucking lucre. The money the Democrats funnel into “education” and the money the teachers unions funnel to the Democrats. They are afraid that Mrs. Devos might just end the eternal circle jerk of money and favors that has existed since well before I was born. I for one hope to all the gods and goddesses in all the heavens that she will, and it’ll take them all because all the devils and demons in all the hells are already on the side of the fucking public schools and the mostly greedy, lazy, witless fucks who work in them.

Good damned advice.

From insty’s joint but not from insty hisself.

FEBRUARY 7, 2017

DON’T GET COCKY: Democrats May Be On The Verge Of Becoming A ‘Permanent Minority’ Party.

No seriously, the cockiness, eschew it, as the Professor likes to warn during times of maximum gloating. Ask Zell Miller how his identical prediction in 2004 played out in November of 2006 and 2008 – and the following year, how James Carville’s equally Nostradamus-like prediction in 2009 that “Democrats Will Rule Washington for 40 Years” – worked out.

Good advice. The gods have given us self defeating idjits, but that don’t mean we can’t shoot ourselves. Don’t get cocky, keep calm and right on.

Bitch ass celebrities, and the fucking punks who worship them.

Is it just me or is everyone who plays lets pretend in front of a camera a whiny ass bitch who thinks they got a hard fucking life? Case in point this FB by the dumb fucking cunt who plays Amy Farrah Fowler on “The Big Bang Theory”. Now don’t get me wrong, i love the show, I love the characters and I don’t allow the fact that the actors playing said characters are a bunch of whiny fucks who think they have it hard to stop me from enjoying what they create. Usually.

But really? Let me get this straight you privileged fucking sow. You think that because you had an “early call” to go get paid millions of fucking dollars to play lets pretend on camera that you are a fucking “Warrior”? Fucking seriously? Tell that shit to the motherfuckers who wake up at 0-dark-thirty to go on patrols in fucking Kandahar you self important, pampered fucking child. Tell that to the redneck father who wakes up before you go to sleep in order to get to the mine on time so he can feed his family. You think you’re a warrior you spoiled fucking waste of human sperm? Fuck You!


But it aint just celebreties who are bitch ass pussies, the people who make thier living talking about bitch ass celebreties are even worse. As an example I give you this item on File770 by Mike Pedoclaus Glyer

(1) BEWARE STOLEN VALOR. Cat Rambo issued a warning on Facebook today:

Be aware if you’re publicly claiming that you’re a former Nebula nominee or winner, and you can’t back that up, SFWA is going to come after you like a bat out of hell with me riding its back, a flaming sword in my hand.

I’d pay money to see that.

So let me get this straight you oleaginous piece of human fecal matter; you think there is an actual equivalence between the kind of pathetic scumbags who pretend to be a combat vet and people who falsely claim they were nominated for a fucking writing award. Is that what you’re saying you degenerate fuckwad? Or are you just so god damned stupid that you don’t know what the fuck “Stolen Valor” ACTUALLY REFERS TO? Well here’s a fucking hint Mr “I look like the kinda guy good parents keep far, far away from their children” Writers don’t get fucking shot at when writing. Writers don’t have to deal with IED’s in their fucking laptops, a writer who claims they got PTSD from writing is a fucking bitch whilst a serviceman who got PTSD from his service is a fucking hero, and finally WRITERS DON’T RISK THEIR FUCKING LIVES WRITING!

Is it just me or has the world gone nucking futs!?!



Sometimes a mans just gotta say “Fuck it”

While my attempt to post every damn day wasn’t quite successful, as I did miss a day here and there; I did post at least 6 out of every 7 days until the end of the month of January. While doing so didn’t exactly increase my blog traffic massively, there was a noticeable increase in daily visits. I also managed to make some hesitant observations.

First of all, there was a distinct difference between the response to my wholly original posts, regardless of the subject matter, than there was to my link-posts. Whether it was a writing sample, a political rant, or even a book review, I got far more views and visits from my original posts than I did from the posts where I just linked to articles, videos etc. In other words, an insty in the making I am not.

Second, I get next to zero referrals from my Facebook. This may be because my FB account is only a few months old, and damned near everyone of my “friends” is a far more interesting writer than I am. This is not at all surprising as I created my friends list by sending friend requests to the authors I admire, and anyone who had several of them as friends. Even in the one instance where Michael Fucking Z Williamson (and if you’ve ever read his writing then you know that aint a gratuitous “fucking”) graciously let me share one of my posts to his wall there weren’t many people coming to read it, possibly because he posts 10,000 funny things a day.

So it seems pretty obvious to me that I need to write more original posts, more often. Which is one whole hell of a lot easier said than done. It aint that I’m not an opinionated asshole. I’m just an opinionated asshole who reads a lot. By the time I’m ready to write about a subject, I’ve usually read at least 10 other articles on the same thing I want to talk about,  making most of the same points I plan on making.

So I took a few days off blogging and let these observations stew in the alcohol infused jello that is my brain, and I came up with a plan moving forward. I’m just gonna say “fuck it”. So what if someone else has said the same things I’m going to say, they wont say them the same way I do. So what if someone else has made the same points or pointed out the same idiocies I see, they wont make fun of them in the same way I will. Either I believe in my “voice” or I don’t. Either I’m willing to shout my own semi-coherent drunken ramblings from the internet rooftops like a rooster waking up the sun or I’m not. Either I got the testicular gigantism to play with the big boys or I decide to put on my pretty pink panties and keep my mouth shut; and I don’t look good in pink.  Its pretty damn clear that the internet aint looking to reward lazy, it aint looking to read easy, and it don’t care about anything that don’t sound real. Ok Bitches, message received. You wanted the asshole, well the asshole here now.


Reflections on blog traffic, and what it says about my writing.

I’ve been posting to this blog almost daily for exactly three weeks now. In that time I have seen my traffic increase. However, and this is very strange, the number of visit’s/views has been going down since I began posting regularly. Looking at my stats, the first week I began posting regularly I had 59 views and 17 visitors. The second week I had 44 views and 22 visitors. This week I had 22 views and 16 visitors. I’m not sure exactly what to make of this pattern. It could be that many of the folks who had me in their WP follower list were those who had added me back in 2015 when the ILOH Larry Correia graciously let me link a fisk I wrote in his comments section, and just hadn’t noticed me until I began posting again. The assumption being that when I did begin posting again they found me boring.

The more likely assumption however is that people have been clicking on the the links to my blog they see in their WP reader tab, or my FB feed, read on of my posts, and decided I’m not worth reading again.

A third assumption is that because I have been posting very link/video heavy posts, people coming to my blog have decided that I’m just trading off of other peoples work and stopped paying attention.

As you might have noticed all of the above assumptions rely on the idea that what I’m writing is simply not entertaining. There is simply no way around it. It is interesting that among the very few regular readers I seem to have, my “writing sample” posts do get the (relatively) largest amount of attention.

All of this meandering ramble is basically a prologue to this; If I want to build an audience, I will apparently have to offer original thoughts, ideas, or at the very least my own personal perspective. Which ain’t easy. My only other option however is to give up. Fuck that. So if you are one of the ten or so people who are still reading this, I give you my word; I will try harder. I will put more of myself into this blog, and far, far less of everyone and everything else. I will give you something worth reading.

But I need your help, if you have been following this blog over the last three weeks. Tell me which posts you most enjoyed. Let me know what you want to see more of. Help me build a site worth coming to (almost) daily. I cant promise I’ll deliver, but I can promise I will fucking try.