Before I get into the meat of this particular rant, allow me to clarify for the mongoloidian, acromegalaic, window licking, mouth breathing denizens of these here internets what I am not saying. I am not saying that the Fisa memo doesn’t present evidence of criminal collusion by employees of the federal government who were attempting to “fix” the outcome of a presidential election. It does. Nor am I arguing that said behavior shouldn’t lead to criminal prosecutions and jail time for those involved. It should. Unlike the intellectually disabled, morally challenged, partisan wastes of human sperm in the MSM I am not saying that the memo is a “nothingburger”. It aint.

What I am saying is that the Fisa memo doesn’t fucking matter. It is, to quote a far better writer than I, “Sound and fury, signifying nothing”. It will not lead to any prosecutions. No one will serve a single second in any form of correctional facility. No one will lose their job, their pension, or even their reputation. The perpetrators will not be brought to justice, held accountable, taken to task, or escorted behind the woodshed.

Now the slow among you may be asking yourselves “How can Mars be so certain of this?” but that is because you are slow. Dim-witted. You are asking this because you do not have the ability to recognize patterns. Those who are intelligent are probably thinking “No shit Sherlock”. However, unless you are the same type of misanthropic, cynical asshole I am you probably aren’t thinking that for the same reason I am. So why did I come to the conclusion that the Fisa memo doesn’t fucking matter? I got three words for you. Lois fucking Lerner.

Yeah, this ugly fucking cunt. Lois_in_2014_cropped_retouched

Do you remember this bitch? She was the director of the IRS’ Exempt Organisation Unit. She used the power and authority she had been given by the American government to illegally and maliciously target conservative organizations in order to silence them prior to the 2012 election.

Now you might be thinking, “Ok Mars, you’re saying the Fisa memo doesn’t matter because she was never prosecuted and suffered no penalty for her criminal acts”, but you would be wrong. You see I don’t expect Washington to clean up Washington’s fucking messes. I am not naive enough to believe that career employees of the federal government will ever hold career employees of the federal government accountable for their actions. The corruption in D.C. is so deep, and so widespread, that if anyone were to begin pulling on that thread the entire fucking sweater would unravel.

The reason I am saying that the Fisa memo doesn’t fucking matter is because Lois fucking Lerner has yet to be found on the capitol steps naked save for rapidly cooling tar and chicken feathers. The Fisa memo doesn’t matter because the American populace has become such a thoroughly domesticated herd of sheep that we don’t even have the will to do to Lois Lerner what fucking children do to the asshole in the neighborhood who hands out boxes of raisins on Halloween. Not only have we not tarred and feathered her, not only have we not hounded her relentlessly to the point she is afraid to go out in public, not only have we not shunned her from society, we haven’t even mustered the will to egg her fucking house. That’s why the fucking Fisa memo doesn’t matter.

We, as a people, have lost the fucking will to hold these “public servants” accountable, even when the evidence that our criminal justice system has failed to do so is glaringly, obviously, clear. We have lost the will to demand, much less enforce even the most minimal standards of conduct in those we entrust with power.  If the American people had been this passive, this domesticated, this lazy, this fucking weak in the late 1700’s we would still be fucking English.

So no, the Fisa memo doesn’t fucking matter. The cable talk shows will get some ratings out of it, the newspapers will get some stories out of it, people will post thier “hot take” to faceberg, and twitty, and gab, and nothing will fucking change. Because we don’t have the fucking balls to do shit about it. So fuck your outrage, fuck your opinions, fuck your likes, fuck your tweets, fuck the Fisa memo and fuck you. We already fucked the United States of America.