It’s been seven months since I posted to this blog, seven months since I have worked on any of my WIP’s. A lot has happened in that time. And me? I’ve worked, watched TV, watched movies, and….. that’s about it. So why, after this long delay am I finally thrusting my thoughts upon the internet unbidden once again? Because I’m tired of being a lazy fuck? Because I believe¬†that mine is the one singular voice in the wilderness that can lead the world to the glorious future? Because I’m an attention whore desperate to be heard? Nah.

For me, writing goes in cycles. I’ll spend a few months feverishly writing during every available free minute, and then I’ll go months where I’d rather read or watch what others have created. I’ve been posting a lot on Facebook recently and opened a twitter account, so apparently I’m ramping back up into an active phase. Good. I’ve got several books that need to be finished so I can publish them, and the world is a very interesting (In the ancient Chinese proverb definition of interesting) place right now. Also, I stumbled onto a blog I started over ten years ago, not only is it still up, but I still have the email address I used to set it up. And reading through it, it’s not bad. Many of my views have changed in the intervening years, as have my tastes, but overall I think the content is fairly decent. Hell, I might even resurrect it. So for the two or three people that read this blog when I was publishing regularly, and the even fewer who will read this, would like a glimpse of who I was a decade ago? Let me know in the comments.