As you all may remember I talked about creating habits a few weeks back. As my output on this blog has shown, making the effort to turn a behavior into a habit can pay off if you stick with it. At the time I was trying to make posting to this blog a habit, and I have more or less succeeded.Yes I could still do better, I still forget to post on a weekend sometimes, or If I go out with my buddies on a Friday night, But overall I think I’ve been very successful at creating the habit of posting daily.

So now its time to build on that success. Up till now I’ve been making posting to this blog the very first thing I do after I get home from work. The problem is, by making posting to this blog a priority, I have been neglecting the entire reason I’m trying to build an audience. Which are of course the books I am writing. After my conversation with MishaBurnett yesterday, I realized I need to take the same discipline I’ve been applying towards posting on this blog, and apply it to finishing one of my WIP.

As a result, today I decided to evolve my habits to help me achieve both my goals. What this means in practice is that instead of coming home and posting on this blog first, I will now create the habit of working on my WIP first, and then posting to this blog. That’s why I am publishing this post a  a few hours later than I have been. Instead of sitting down and writing my blog first, I spent a couple hours writing. And I did well. Not only did I add 1500 words to a WIP I’ve been neglecting, in doing so I broke the 40k word mark, which is a first for me on any project. So expect my daily posts to come a little later in the evening from now on. Because my new habit is to write first, post second. If I weren’t a drunken idiot, I’d have known it should have been this way from the beginning. But I am, so I didn’t. Live, learn, and try to get a little bit better, every day.