I know, it sucks. You have a friend, a good friend. He isn’t some brain dead libtard. He isn’t  some moronic berkleyite. He might be more accomplished than you. Hell, he might even be a better man than you. He just has that one subject that he just isn’t capable of thinking about rationally. Maybe its unions, maybe its the “black movement”, maybe it’s Bernie. But despite this, you two are still friends, If anyone ever came for him or his, you would gladly die firing downrange. And despite it all you know god damned well if anyone ever came for you he would do the same.

So how do you deal? Do you pull the cuckish “we agree to disagree” BS? That aint gonna work cause y’all aint bitches, and no matter how hard y’all try to avoid politics its going to come up. You don’t back down because you aint no cunt, and he don’t cause neither is he. So the time comes, you wont back down and neither will he, but you don’t want to beat him into paste because he your boy, and he doesn’t wanna because you are his.

So then what? If you’re smart you walk away. If he is he does. The next day, you walk up to him, look him in the eye, and hug him like the brother he is. Because you both know that no matter much you disagree, when the shit hits the fan, he’s gonna be there for you, and if anyone ever fucks with him they going to have to go through you first. If you got a friend like that you get this, if you don’t…. I just feel sorry for you.