This is a heartfelt message to all of America’s “overworked, underpaid” teachers. Now before I deliver this message I need you to face the nearest mirror, and look deep into your own eyes. And now tell yourself the one thing you have needed to hear all your professional life. “You are, most likely, a lazy fucking moron”. Oh I know you think you’re very hard working, but lets face it, you took a career track that lets you take 3 fucking months off per year, most likely because it allowed you to take three whole fucking months off per year. I realize you like to think that because you are an “educator” that you must be intelligent. So lets look at what you actually teach. The vast majority of what you teach is shit that the rest of us learned in our fucking childhood. Oh you think you’re smart because you teach high school chemistry. You’re teaching shit so basic most working chemists don’t even use it anymore. You think you’re smart because you teach high school math? Bitch I was doing algebra in my fucking head when I was sixteen goddamned years old. What makes it even worse is that you fucking morons couldn’t even teach the fucking basics if the answers to every problem you give your students weren’t printed in the back of the “teachers edition” textbooks you’re given. You know why they put the answers in the back of the textbooks you drooling mongoloids get; because the makers of said textbooks know that if they didn’t you window licking, self righteous, fucktards wouldn’t know what the correct answer was if it came up behind you and bit you on your corpulent, over sized asses. You aren’t underpaid, you’re getting paid exactly what you intellectually challenged cunts are worth.


Now maybe you think I’m being mean, or being unfair. Really? Cause the facts say that the absolute dumbest people on any given campus are, wait for it, education fucking majors. Now I’m sure some of my readers, the ones who understand economics, may point out that teaching is a very low paid field, which will skew peoples choices as to what to study. I agree that is true, but going back to my earlier point ask yourself this, how fucking smart do you have to be to teach kindergarten? If you know your ABC’s and can count to twenty, you can teach kindergarten. Middle School? Doesn’t exactly require much in the way of intelligence, since the average twelve year old is expected to be able to learn it. High School? I submit that if a subject can be understood by teenagers whose raging hormones basically make rational thought impossible it probably doesn’t take much fucking intelligence to teach that shit.

S0, now that we have established that teachers are, for the most part, blithering fucking idiots, let us move on to Betsy Devos. The teachers unions, and the democrats, have blasted this woman because she has no experience as an educator, put her own kids into private schools, and wants to expand charter schools. Well, since we’ve established that most teachers are fucking retards, and we all know that public schools in america are absolute shit, and that charter schools and homeschooling reliably gives children a better education than public schools, and that private schools do even better still; we can conclude that Betsy Devos is a damned sight smarter than her imbecilic fucking  critics. For one she didn’t major in education She majored in Business Administration and Political Science, which while not STEM subjects still rank far higher on the average IQ scale than fucking education majors. Second, she was smart enough not to subject her own children to the shit factory that is the public school system. Finally, she is a major supporter of the one and only alternative to the public school system that most of the urban poor will ever have access to, which means she is a damned sight more compassionate that the lazy, greedy dumb asses in the teachers unions.

Which is of course the real issue, you see teachers, and the teachers unions are reliable contributors to the democratic party, which in return funnels more and more money into the education system, despite the results getting poorer and poorer. Which is why the US spends more on education than any other developed country while still getting shitty results. That is what the opposition to Betsy Devos is really about folks. Money. Filthy fucking lucre. The money the Democrats funnel into “education” and the money the teachers unions funnel to the Democrats. They are afraid that Mrs. Devos might just end the eternal circle jerk of money and favors that has existed since well before I was born. I for one hope to all the gods and goddesses in all the heavens that she will, and it’ll take them all because all the devils and demons in all the hells are already on the side of the fucking public schools and the mostly greedy, lazy, witless fucks who work in them.