While my attempt to post every damn day wasn’t quite successful, as I did miss a day here and there; I did post at least 6 out of every 7 days until the end of the month of January. While doing so didn’t exactly increase my blog traffic massively, there was a noticeable increase in daily visits. I also managed to make some hesitant observations.

First of all, there was a distinct difference between the response to my wholly original posts, regardless of the subject matter, than there was to my link-posts. Whether it was a writing sample, a political rant, or even a book review, I got far more views and visits from my original posts than I did from the posts where I just linked to articles, videos etc. In other words, an insty in the making I am not.

Second, I get next to zero referrals from my Facebook. This may be because my FB account is only a few months old, and damned near everyone of my “friends” is a far more interesting writer than I am. This is not at all surprising as I created my friends list by sending friend requests to the authors I admire, and anyone who had several of them as friends. Even in the one instance where Michael Fucking Z Williamson (and if you’ve ever read his writing then you know that aint a gratuitous “fucking”) graciously let me share one of my posts to his wall there weren’t many people coming to read it, possibly because he posts 10,000 funny things a day.

So it seems pretty obvious to me that I need to write more original posts, more often. Which is one whole hell of a lot easier said than done. It aint that I’m not an opinionated asshole. I’m just an opinionated asshole who reads a lot. By the time I’m ready to write about a subject, I’ve usually read at least 10 other articles on the same thing I want to talk about,  making most of the same points I plan on making.

So I took a few days off blogging and let these observations stew in the alcohol infused jello that is my brain, and I came up with a plan moving forward. I’m just gonna say “fuck it”. So what if someone else has said the same things I’m going to say, they wont say them the same way I do. So what if someone else has made the same points or pointed out the same idiocies I see, they wont make fun of them in the same way I will. Either I believe in my “voice” or I don’t. Either I’m willing to shout my own semi-coherent drunken ramblings from the internet rooftops like a rooster waking up the sun or I’m not. Either I got the testicular gigantism to play with the big boys or I decide to put on my pretty pink panties and keep my mouth shut; and I don’t look good in pink.  Its pretty damn clear that the internet aint looking to reward lazy, it aint looking to read easy, and it don’t care about anything that don’t sound real. Ok Bitches, message received. You wanted the asshole, well the asshole here now.