I’ve been posting to this blog almost daily for exactly three weeks now. In that time I have seen my traffic increase. However, and this is very strange, the number of visit’s/views has been going down since I began posting regularly. Looking at my stats, the first week I began posting regularly I had 59 views and 17 visitors. The second week I had 44 views and 22 visitors. This week I had 22 views and 16 visitors. I’m not sure exactly what to make of this pattern. It could be that many of the folks who had me in their WP follower list were those who had added me back in 2015 when the ILOH Larry Correia graciously let me link a fisk I wrote in his comments section, and just hadn’t noticed me until I began posting again. The assumption being that when I did begin posting again they found me boring.

The more likely assumption however is that people have been clicking on the the links to my blog they see in their WP reader tab, or my FB feed, read on of my posts, and decided I’m not worth reading again.

A third assumption is that because I have been posting very link/video heavy posts, people coming to my blog have decided that I’m just trading off of other peoples work and stopped paying attention.

As you might have noticed all of the above assumptions rely on the idea that what I’m writing is simply not entertaining. There is simply no way around it. It is interesting that among the very few regular readers I seem to have, my “writing sample” posts do get the (relatively) largest amount of attention.

All of this meandering ramble is basically a prologue to this; If I want to build an audience, I will apparently have to offer original thoughts, ideas, or at the very least my own personal perspective. Which ain’t easy. My only other option however is to give up. Fuck that. So if you are one of the ten or so people who are still reading this, I give you my word; I will try harder. I will put more of myself into this blog, and far, far less of everyone and everything else. I will give you something worth reading.

But I need your help, if you have been following this blog over the last three weeks. Tell me which posts you most enjoyed. Let me know what you want to see more of. Help me build a site worth coming to (almost) daily. I cant promise I’ll deliver, but I can promise I will fucking try.