So I have bin trying to blog to this… uh… blog purty regular and what not and I like to think I has been doing a farely good job and sheet. The thing is I kinda sorta tend to drink pretty heavy witch can make things a lil bit differcult. Now I knows I didn’t post anything last nite but in my D-fence (D-fence, D-fence, GO fins!)  I was face down in a dumpster filled with my own vomit. But tornite I did manage to stumble hope so I could clitecky-clac on the keys for all my leginious multitudes of fan type peoples.

I knows what yous is thinkin. “Mars, how do youse manage to be a big time bloggerino and a gorge-us hunk of a man with awesum hair and still drink more than a navy carrier’s crew on shor-leaf? I put it all down to suepeereeOR jenehtics! On account of how I is just more manly, more stronger, and more bettah than all youse alls! But don’t despair, because while y’all caint never be the type of suepeereeorh spesimens that I am you can be better than you is with my patent pending three step program

Steppeth the firstus – Drink lots and lots of likker. You see likker makes us men type folk much handsomer and more sharming. Trust me on dis. The moe you drink the moe intersting you is!

Step doo – When you think you are rilly rilly drunk, drink some moe. U C step 1 is a logggaponential process. In udder wurds, the more U frink the better lookin and more awesum U get!

Step tree – dalhkldhkjndauihbndckjnbdaskj m

And dats how u Wins!