I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it on this here little blog, but I am a bit of a gun nut. I had a Florida CCP for many years back when I still lived in the states, and though I now live in S.E. Asia where I can not legally carry concealed, I still get out to the local gun ranges whenever I can. While my country of residence, The Philippines, doesn’t have quite as wide a selection of available firearms are I was used to back in the states, it does in fact have a very well developed gun culture. Sadly, I don’t get to participate in it as much as I would like being that I am a foreigner here. As such I have to satisfy my gun itch mostly vicariously through youtube. So for your viewing enjoyment here are some videos I have enjoyed recently from channels I currently subscribe to.

First up we have sootch00 reviewing and comparing the Taurus Judge to the S&W Governor, both of which are monstrous handguns designed to shoot both .45 caliber and 410 shotshells. While neither is IMHO a very good choice for concealed carry, (especially in a hot humid climate) I have no doubt they are a hoot to shoot.


Next up we have Jerry Miculek, who is very well known in guns circles, firing a 45.70 handgun. This massive beast is firing a round that was developed over one hundred years ago and is still popular today because its weight makes it perfect for hunting in thick brush. In fact the level action 45.70 is basically the standard brush gun in the United States. Only old Jerry is firing this big boy from a revolver.


Another guy whose channel I enjoy is Iraqveteran8888. In this video he is reviewing the CMMG Anvil which is an AR-15 variant designed specifically to handle the enormous .458 SOCOM bullet. The 458 SOCOM is a gargantuan piece of lead (300-500 grains depending on the exact brand) which comes in both sub and supersonic.


And finally we have one of my absolute favorite reviewers, Nutnfancy. Hes actually got two channels, NutnFancy and  TheNutnfancyProject. NutnFancy is more a straight review channel while TheNutnFancyProject is more about shooting drills and the like. In addition his son TacticalDoodle has his own channel which aint too shabby either. What I like about Nutn is that he’s a pretty practical, down to earth kinda guy who doesn’t pull any punches in his reviews, and doesn’t fall into the whole “tacticool” trap that some reviewers do. As the following video will show.


Anyways that should give you a couple hours of video with which to while away a lazy Saturday, I hope you enjoy.