Welcome to the Friday Linkfest! I know what you’re thinking, this is gonna be all about The Trumpening right? Nope. I mean its not exactly gonna be a trump-free zone.But this will not be an ALL-TRUMP ALL THE TIME LINKFEST either. Mostly

First we have a news item from the Crazy State, California.

The private information of thousands of California firearms instructors was accidentally released by the state late last year in response to a journalist’s Freedom of Information request.

The data request was made in August, when a reporter for Southern California Public Radio (KPCC), an NPR affiliate, sought all information on Firearms Safety Certifications available from the California Department of Justice.

The information was released in October, and a clerical error gave the reporter wide access to the personal information of 3,424 firearms instructors — whose dates of birth, driver’s license numbers and California identification numbers were handed over, according to NRA-ILA, the legislative arm of the National Rifle Association.

You know I’m starting to think the state of California might not like gun owners. Am I crazy?


If you’ve been following political news as it regards immigration lately you probably know that under current law, the Department of Justice can unilaterally revoke any DOJ Grants to any jurisdiction which is considered to be a sanctuary city. However despite the law authorizing this having been passed in 1996, it has never been enforced. It was only when Rep. John Culberson chairman of the the Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations Subcommittee forced the issue that anything actually came of it. However, the law in question, 8 U.S.C. § 1373 only addresses DOJ funding. A bill recently proposed by Rep. Lou Barletta known as the “Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act” would strengthen” 8 U.S.C. § 1373 so that, in the words of Rep. Barletta

“My bill will enhance this by stripping all federal funds–not one cent.”

You know I’m old enough to remember when liberals used to look back on nullification as a bad thing.  Or as one online wag said “Democrats haven’t been this pissed off at Republicans since the Republicans freed all the Democrat’s slaves” (No source cause I honestly can’t figure out who said this first)

Meanwhile in “Democrat Committee to Re-elect Trump in 2020” news, we have the fucktard who attempted to set himself on fire in front of the Trump International Hotel, a survey stating that 28% of all federal employees are considering quitting their cushy, highly paid, lavishly benefit padded, and damn near termination proof jobs once trump takes office, which would be great news if it weren’t another “idiot celebrities threaten to move to Canada” type story. Oh and for any of the “beautiful people” who are still considering it, here’s a handy guide.

Even better, the entire country got to see what leftism is really about thanks to anarchists, black bloq, code pink, and literal fucking children.

Which is why I am 100% behind Tom Kratman’s Triggering!

Don’t you get it lefty’s?


Because we get that…


Which is why we are all hoping to see this billboard put up in every major city in America this year…..


Happy Inauguration Bitches!