So in contrast to yesterday’s political rant, I figured I’d discuss some of the ways that we are now, or soon will, be living in a sci-fi world. Today’s topic, the Inevitable A.I. Takeover!

First up we have a Video from Troy Leavitt, a veteran video game designer who believes he has a realistic future timeline of the Inevitable A.I. Takeover! 

While I’m not sure I buy into his timeline, the fact that he is in one of the few industries using practical A.I. does make his thoughts interesting.

Next up we have a T.E.D. talk by Sam Harris on the Inevitable A.I. Takeover!



And while I find these types of discussions and ideas fascinating what always confused me was the idea that A.I. would be terrifying because of its cold relentless logic. I.E. Skynet somehow “logically” concluded that because “man is his own worst enemy” the only way to protect mankind was to exterminate it. Lol Wut?

But I gotta tell you, for me personally, the idea that A.I. might be truly rational doesn’t really scare me much. The question that keeps me up at night is this. What if a super-intelligent A.I. is emotional? Imagine the craziest, most vindictive ex-girlfriend you have ever had, then imagine what would happen if she could had the raw processing power to perform 10²³ calculations a minute.

Needless to say these thoughts are influencing my writing in multiple ways, and hopefully they will inspire yours as well. Happy Humpday!