Ever since the election I have been wondering what in  Hannaha’s holy hoochie  has been going on with the left. At first I thought the temper tantrums, over the top displays of unbalanced emotion, and riots were simply the natural result of an hidebound and dogmatic religion coming face to face with its own irrelevance. I also suspected that much of it was simplly the natural result of spoiled children effectively hearing “No” for the first time in their entitled and pampered little lives. When the post election riots began I honestly just chucked it up to the usual urban savages taking whatever excuse they could find to indulge in their favorite pastime knowing that the media would, as always, cover for their ignorant barbarism. Lately however, I’ve come to suspect that what we are seeing from the left is something far closer to an undisciplined and neglected child acting out in an attempt to get their absentee parents to pay some kind, any kind, of attention to them. In fact I have come to truly believe that much of the hard left desperately wants to ensure that Trump is not only reelected, but is successful at forwarding his agenda at a level unequaled by any president since FDR. This is the only logical explanation I can come up with for the lefts increasingly childish, embarrassing, and frankly absurd reactions to his election.

As an example this article by crimethinc which i was referred to via Breitbart reads like an how to manual for ensuring that the entirety of the left will be painted as either violent thugs not worth listening to, or at best, active enablers of such. By the same token the “Goldengate memo’s” seem calculated to ensure that any media criticism of Trump moving forward will be viewed with the old hairy eyeball no matter how credible the source may be. I don’t see how anyone can watch the following video and come to the conclusion that the anarchist movement is the functional equivalent of a junior high school prankster in an eighties sitcom.

Does anyone, anywhere, actually believe that watching a bunch of vapid, literally privileged,  and completely out of touch celebrities reading juvenile drivel is going to move anybodies needle in any direction but away from whatever cause these drug addled airheads are trying to promote?

I mean fuck! At least back in the eighties you had legitimate A-list stars and they were actually singing. These lazy fucks can barely even be bothered to emote while delivering their canned lines!

While laughing at the utter uselessness and inanity of paparazzo prey is always entertaining, (and often far more so than the bland pap they put out as professional work) I truly wonder at the emotional and intellectual development of a group that seems to believe that any of the aforementioned tactics will do anything other than backfire. Since some minuscule percentage of the individuals on the left have to at least have the intelligence of an inbred tree stump, even if only so they can help the rest of the drooling hordes tie their shoes; I cant help but wonder if the entire movement has been so starved of any type of father figure for their entire lives that they aren’t unconsciously sabotaging everything they claim to stand for in an attempt to get Daddy Trump to finally put down his blueprints and give them the spanking they have been dreaming about since they were still sucking on their wet nurses teat. I don’t usually put much, or really any, stock in psychology, armchair or otherwise; but I’m truly at a loss at how to explain how anyone capable of vertical perambulation, much less vocal expression beyond inarticulate howls of inchoate rage, are unable to see that every goddamned thing they have done since the election has been a propaganda victory that even Trump himself wouldn’t have the gonadal gigantism to ask a genie for!

The absolute saddest part though, is that I am not even slightly concerned that I might be educating the stunted intellects of the far left.  Hell even if this, and every other article written in the last several weeks that make the same points were forced fed into their brains via ludovico technique there would be no danger whatsoever of the left regulating its own behavior. I am untterly and absolutely certain their reaction would be to double down!

So to all the gods and goddesses in all the heavens I can only say; thank you lords and ladies that you present us with such adversaries. We surely do not deserve such boons. But we’ll gladly take them.

God has a special providence for fools, drunkards, and the United States of America

Otto Von Bismark