So this is another project, as you can see its little more than a single scene. Whenever I get an idea for a possible story Ill write down the first scene that comes to mind, and then save it to look at later. If I still feel there’s something there, I’ll then pick it up again when I have some free time. Its a chaotic way of writing, but it seems to be working so far, if you consider a bunch of half finished books that get added to almost randomly to be working. I’m not sure if this is an opening scene or not, but its definitely from a very early part of the story.

Chester Davenport woke up and trudged into the bathroom. Chester had never been a morning person, and after last night’s celebration his head was pounding. Looking at himself in the mirror he frowned at the sight of the peach fuzz on his chin. “Damn it, the doctor promised the new T-blockers would made my facial hair stop growing, I should have known better than to listen to medical advice from a male” he thought to himself as he took his daily medication.

T-blockers, E-enhancers, mood stabilizers, anxiety enhancers, and confidence degraders the pills were no different from what every other man in America was required by law to take ever since HERA passed back when he was a child. However to Chester’s eternal shame his body produced far higher levels of the male hormones than most, and as such he was required to take the most powerful stacks of andrygonizers possible.

Some Cis-males, particularly the more mysogonistic of them (chester had to forcibly remind himself at this point that there was no such thing as a non-mysogonistic male, the best he could hope for as one of the morality impaired gender was to try and be as least mysogonistic as possible) had attempted to ignore the law, and others had even attempted to cheat on their monthly blood scans, but only a very few had actually tried to take violent action against the government. Fortunately those few were dealt with by the Department of Equality in the harshest manner allowed under law.

Finishing up with his daily shave Chester sighed and cursed his biology for his unnaturally high levels of testosterone. He made a mental note to ask Genny for permission to schedule yet another appointment for a hormonal analysis. Sitting on the toilet as he urinated Chester could only hope that Genny would understand that he wasn’t trying to access more than his fair share of their allotted medical services allowances and that the better control they could get over his rogue biology the better it would be for both of them.

Walking into the hallway he knocked on the door to Genny’s bedroom. “My love? What would you like for breakfast?” he said, knocking and gentky easing the door open so he could hear her reply

“egg-white omelet, tea and English muffins, I’ll need the protein cause Omar wore me out last night” She said drowsily, snuggling up closer to the large Latino in bed with her. Chester felt a flush of shame at the familiar jealousy that rose up whenever he saw his wife in bed with her lovers. He knew it was wrong. He knew that jealousy was caused by possiveness which in itself was caused by his sense of male entitlement to a woman’s body, but he just couldn’t help it. He resolved once again to talk to Genny about another analysis. Hopefully Omar was one of the better stimulation professionals and Genny’s good mood would last for the rest of the morning.

“And What about Mr Omar, would he like anything to eat?”

Anyway hopefully I give enough information to give you an idea of the world, without too much of an infodump.