I started this blog a while back. Then I discovered that I didn’t have much to say.

Well, not exactly. Its not so much that I didn’t have much to say, but that every time I thought I had something to say someone else has already said it. I mean what the hell could I possibly say about Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe acceptance speech that hasn’t already been said? What Could I say about Trump’s treatment of CNN and Buzzfeed that another of his fans hasn’t already said? Don’t get me wrong, I think I have a unique voice, I think that my way of presenting things is entertaining, but unless I feel I have some truly unique insight that no one else has ever had or that I can present what I am going to say in some uniquely entertaining way, I never saw the point in blogging about it.

I was wrong. Just how wrong I was was driven home recently by Nick Cole. In his recent post “You need a Platform” Nick talked about the importance of developing ones own platform. And all of it was good advice but one line in particular really drove home how fucking myopic I’ve been. It was literally his first rule of building a platform.

  1.  Blog regularly.  Six days a week.  Say something.  Anything.  Even repost someone’s article (like this one) and add a comment to get readers interested and sharing the post even if it’s not yours. People who click on it will land on your website and they might get interested in your books.

Because here I was thinking every single thought I wrote down had to be purely original, or at least have a new spin. But then I thought of the blogs I frequent most regularly. Insty, Battleswarm, Real Clear Politics, Slate Star Codex,  Mad Genius Club, Bayou Renaissance Man, Scott Addams BlogVox Populi, Chateau Heartiste, Ace, The Passive Voice, The ZMan,  etc, etc, ad nauseam.

The point is, every single one of these sites puts out content daily or more often. Some of them put out an article a day, some link to multiple other articles multiple times a day, some I mostly agree with, some I mostly disagree with, but every single one rewards me for checking it out daily with something that makes me think, that makes me question, or makes me laugh.

Realizing that made me figure it out. Nick is right. I may not be able to bang out controversial articles daily like VD can. I may not may be able to put as many links up as Insty can. I sure as hell don’t know writing as well as the crew over at the MGC do, I’m not as plugged in to whats happening in publishing as Passive guy is, Ill never be as good at consolidating content as the RealClear brand is etc.

But I can at the very least link to, comment on, or talk about the things I find interesting daily. Because chances are if you like my perspective, you might just be interested in the books I’m writing. So thanks again Nick Cole. Oh And BTW Sci-Fi writers playing Old School D&D is fucking hilarious, and makes my commute to work one of my favorite days each week.

Ill see y’all tomorrow, even if I am just linking to a bunch of things because I thought they were interesting.