I swear by all the gods in all the pantheons that every single time I hear about some “feminist outrage” it makes me think that maybe the Extremist Mohammedans are right, at least in their approach to women.

Make no mistake, I am a unapologetic male chauvinist. I know that men, as a sex are in fact superior to women as a sex, at least in most of the areas that truly matter. I.E. size, strength, mental ability (though its more of a mixed bag intelligence wise as men are more likely to be either idiots or geniuses while women are more likely to be average) willpower, ambition, etc. There’s a reason history is chock-a-block full of patriarchies while not a single credible historian, anthropologist, or archaeologist has ever found any evidence of a single Matriarchy. (And no Matrilineal societies such as the Mosuo are not matriarchies. Yes property changes hands from mother to daughter but the priests and leaders are still men. They are in fact a  matrilineal patriarchy several of which have existed throughout history and some of which still exist, none of which have ever advanced further than the stone age )

But every single time I see some privileged, spoiled, pampered, and in the final analysis sheltered western feminist whining like a bitch about some idiotic “offense” all I can think is “Maybe the Muzzies are right, maybe women really do need to be covered from head to toe and owned by their fathers until they are sold to their husbands.” In fact the only thing that keeps me from actually believing they are right are memories of how my mom struggled while she raised me, the strength with which she undertook her labors and the stoic class she displayed in doing so.  If I truly believed that women were as weak, as fragile, and as easily injured as feminists do, I’d be praying towards Mecca five times a day.

So Congrats Rose McGowan, your bullshit little concerns about a fucking picture on a billboard have once again reinforced the notion that western feminists are simply too fucking weak-minded, too astoundingly moronic, and too inherently inferior to be entrusted with the responsibilities the 19th Amendment to the Bill of rights has entrusted you with.