If I haven’t already made it clear I am a massive comic book nerd. I have read comics all my life, and I continue to do so.  I also absolutely love the marvel movies, and to a lesser extent their T.V. properties. However I refuse to read Marvel comics, I wont even torrent them and read them for free, much less pay actual money for them. This wasn’t always the case, and while I have always been more of a DC fanboy, I used to read a lot of Marvel comics as well.

But Marvel comics has become so SJW converged, that I will not taint myself with the absolute shit they are putting out now. Marvel comics has made it very clear that they don’t want my money or my fandom due to the fact that I am a straight, white male. Incidentally I want to read the nakedly political pablum they offer even less than they want my business.

First they turned Jane Foster into “Thor”(despite the fact that Thor has never been a title and no one else who has ever carried Mjolnir has ever gone by the name Thor) They then decided that even Odin, the god who created the “worthiness” spell that empowers Mjolnir, was unable to lift Mjolnir. And apparently various issues have an older Thor remembering that Jane was a better “Thor” than he himself was. The message is clear. Boys are just big stinky piles of unworthy because we don’t have a vag.

Then they decide to turn Captain America into “old man steve” and depower him, at which point the Falcon becomes the New Captain America, despite the fact that Bucky Barnes, AKA the winter solider is a better fit and has already carried the shield. Again the message is clear, Blacks gooooood American’s, Whiteys be baaaaad murican’s.

Then Amadeus Cho becomes the Hulk while Bruce Banner is ….? Again the message is clear Asians are totally awesome and whites are like totally lame.

But today was the final straw, apparently in the newest issue of Captain America a newly re-powered Captain America reveals that he has been a member of hydra since childhood.

What the FUCK!

Not only does this reveal make no fucking sense in light of any of the stories that have gone before, not only is it as stupid as attempting brain surgery on yourself in a truck stop bathroom, its yet one more attempt to take a beloved and iconic hero and tarnish him for no other reason than that he is white and male, and if you think I’m joking read any of the recent articles where idiot liberal’s bitch about how masculine, straight, and libertarian Cap is in “Civil War:

Now the reason Marvel doesn’t pull this shit in the movies except for minor things like the casting of lesser known characters is because in reality, Marvel comics doesn’t make as much in an entire year as a single marvel movie can make in its opening weekend. Marvel Studios still needs to sell to a mainstream audience, while the remaining Marvel Comics fanbase is tiny, insular, and for the most part filled with neon-haired lesbians, effete mincing nancy boys, and multi-ton neckbeards. And unfortunately there is no way to support the movies I love, without also subsidizing the steaming piles of equine exrement that is Marvel Comics.

My only hope is that as sales continue to decline ( as they have been for at least 40 years now) they will be forced to try and win back old school fans like myself (as DC appears to be trying to do with Rebirth) by going back to telling fun stories with the characters we love. But if not?

Well At least Scarjo’s ass is still really nice to look at.