There are times I am both truly appreciative and truly terrified at the exact same time by the fact that I mostly live in ASEAN countries. This is one of those days.



This is Atthaporn Boonmakchuay  (hes the happy guy in the middle)



While performing his morning necessities Mr  Boonmakchuay was set upon by a large python that had apparently taken up residence in his toilet. Or more accurately, his twig (of twig and berries fame) was set upon by the pythons jaws. The creature, no doubt some form of trans-species sexual cannibal, refused to let go of said twig, prompting Mr Boonmakchuay to call to his wife asking for a rope. The remarkable man then proceeded to tie the python to the wall of his bathroom before passing out, so that the repugnant reptile could not abscond with the family staff. The aftermath is suitably disturbing.





I love Asia, but she terrifies me as well.






That is the smile of a man who has faced the worst nightmare possible and knows he has handled his shit.