This is a request to any of the two or three readers this little blog has. However I will certainly understand if its a task no one wants to help me with. I am trying to compile a database of white supremacist forums, and books written by well known white supremacists that were published this year. And yes this is a part of my ongoing crusade against the Hugo’s.

Given how small in number even this years Worldcon voter pool is, and how large some white supremacists organisations are, it seems to me that if even a few of the larger neo-nazi org’s were to take an interest in getting one of their folk “the most prestigious award in sci-fi” they could easily do so. However like most puppies (despite what the oleaginous and decrepit fen have been claiming for the last several years) I don’t know much about these types of peoples and the only books I know of which would be in their oeuvre (Mein Kamph and The Turner diaries) would not be eligible. I fully realize I will have to dive into some rather scummy waters in order to find what I need and to get into their mindset well enough to craft a pitch that has even a snowballs chance in hell of being effective, and I accept that. But any help anyone could offer would be appreciated.