I watched the 2015 Hugo awards ceremony yesterday. What I saw was, well rather sad really. I don’t mean its sad that the angry pussies managed to get “No Award” to sweep several categories. That was fairly expected. What was sad was how childish the ceremony and its presenters behaved. From the “year of the asterisk” immaturity to the gleeful cheers that followed each announcement of “No Award” to David Gerrold’s childish remark that cheers are OK but boo’s aren’t to Connie Willis sarcastic digs at Stephanie Myers Twilight series (to be fair its not surprising that she is jealous of Myer’s success, that woman made a ton of the filthy lucre off of that series); the one thing I took away from the live stream is just how immature and quite frankly childish the angry pussies really are.

I also don’t understand why there was so much demand for David Gerrold to host the awards given how shockingly inept he was at doing so. It’s not that hard to read a script when its sitting right in front of you on the podium, and yet he somehow managed to not only lose his place several times he even managed to briefly forget entire categories.

And of course there were the predictable responses from the predictable places. The angry pussies proclaiming loudly that they had to “No award” entire categories because the writing was so awful. And yet somehow “The day the world turned upside down” managed to snag an award despite the fact that the author clearly hadn’t bothered to think his premise through, or from what I could tell put any thought into it whatsoever.

But one thing was accomplished, we now know the size of the enemy. Based on the vote totals there are roughly 3,000 angry pussies. Which, to be fair, is a bit more than I expected, but not really a huge number. Especially when you consider many of the pussies actually bought memberships in order to pump up their numbers. Between the Sad’s and the Rabid’s, there were approximately 1000 puppies overall. So we were outnumbered by 3-1 and whereas we puppies voted for what we liked, the Angry pussies marched in lockstep to vote “no award”.

But something else struck me during the ceremony. The naming of those who had died during the past year was huge. And given what I understand about the median age of World-con its not surprising. The people are dropping like flies because the vast majority of them are not only older than Methuselah, but fatter than the Blob to boot. Whereas the puppies skew younger and healthier. Plus they think its over, they “rapped us on the nose with a rolled up newspaper” as one angry pussy said on his blog, and now its finished. Heh.

Except that of course its not. Kate Paulk is already gathering her forces for Sad Puppies 4, and you know that Vox and his dread elk will be back next year for Rabid Puppies 2. And Ill be good money that both types of pup will be even more numerous next time around. As for the angry pussies? Well I imagine that as happened this year, quite a few will pass on to the next adventure, leaving their compatriots older, fatter, and fewer. It might take some time, but eventually we will win, they will lose, and the Hugo award will mean something other than “Do not under any circumstances buy this book”. Its just a matter of time. Until then stay classy pups, because we all know damn well the angry pussies will stay petty, spiteful, and childish.