SO after my Saturday night marathon writing session I managed to stay up most of the day on Sunday and fell asleep in the early evening. As a result I woke up early this morning. As in several hours before my alarm went off early. And lo and behold my brain had recovered enough that I could write again. Yay!

So I knocked out about 2500 words this morning, which means I’m up to 17,500 in total. (look at me using word count just like a real writer) Problem is I’m still only maybe 30-40%% of the way in. My Protagonist has had his big life changing tragedy, and is now in a new city, where he will begin to take control of his life. I originally decided to focus on this book rather than the others because it is at heart a very simple tale. There are no spaceships, no vampires, no powered armor, or any of the other cool stuff that is in the other books I’m working on. However as I am discovering, simple doesn’t mean easy. And since this isn’t the kind of action oriented book that I normally read, I’m finding myself shocked by how much of the book is dialogue. In fact it has recently occurred to me that what I am writing could, at least in subject matter, be considered literature. The central conflict is definitely Man vs Himself.

And its weird because I usually don’t like reading these kinds of books and yet I find myself writing one. So I have no idea what i’m doing and can’t help feeling it might come out a tad pretentious. But I committed to writing it, and I can’t get the story out of my brain, so I guess i’ll just stick to it and see what my first readers think. Then I’m going to have to get it edited, formatted, arrange for cover art, and try to figure out how to market it. I really should have picked a different book to finish, Maybe “Rednecks and Vampires”, or “Genocide” (tentative titles). But Im committed now. Oh and for those of you who might be interested my tentative title for this one is “The Brotherhood of Iron – a tale of midlife rebirth” Any thoughts? To long? Too vague? Just plain bad? I could use some feedback here folks, so don’t hesitate to comment.