That’s what I managed to write tonight. 10,00 words. I don’t know if its a lot or not but it sure seems like it. I made a commitment to myself that I was going to finish my first book this weekend. Unfortunately I had thought I was a lot further along than I was. Turns out I had been mistaking the parts I had plotted out in my head for the parts I had actually written down. When I opened up the word file It was slightly less than 4000 words long. Now its 14,000 words long. The problem is that I’m only a third of the way through it. At best.

The second problem is more mundane. I went out with some friends Friday night. I didn’t get home till after dawn. I then proceeded to sleep through most of Saturday, waking up at around 8 in the evening. By the time I had gotten some food, caught up on my email and the blogs I check on a regular basis, and actually sat down to write, it was near 3 in the AM. Now its 8 AM Sunday morning. And I can’t go to sleep. If I go to sleep now, Ill sleep all day, which means I will be up all night again. Which means there’s no way I’m making it to work on Monday. And that is simply not an option. I’m gonna need to get the book edited and formatted once its finished after all and that costs money. So I gotta stay awake for at least another 12 hours. Only my brain has turned to mush and I cant write for a little while. And if I read I’ll end up falling asleep. Plus I’m caught up on all my shows and the broadcast TV sucks here. So I gotta figure out what to do that will both keep me awake and allow my creative juices to refill so I can write at least another 10,000 words sometime today. I can’t see how the hell I’m going to be able to finish it before I have to crash but Im sure as hell gonna try.

Coffee. That should help.