I commented on a recent post over at file770. The comment was deleted. The criticism’s of the comment were allowed to stand. Since Mr. Glyer isn’t willing to discuss the issue openly,  I thought I would allow the discussion here.

To wit, “Brianna Wu”, Aka “John Walker Flint”. AKA “Spacekatgirl” AKA “literally, Wu?” is not now, and barring major advancements in genetic therapy, will never be a woman.

I said in fact that not only is he not a woman, he is in fact a “man with tits”.

For this I was labelled a “transphobe” yet not only was Mr. Glyer unwilling to address my argument, he was unwilling to even allow them to  be seen on his site. Yet he was willing to allow those comments which called me a “transphobe” to be seen on his site. This was not surprising. Understand this is not a criticism of Mr Glyer. File770 is his site, and he can moderate the comments there exactly as he sees fit. I will also point out that based on his profile pics Mr Glyer is not only a very old man but one in very poor shape. As such it is probably best that he does not unduly stress himself. Furthermore given his rapid turn around from rabid anti-puppy to impartial reporter in regards to the puppy movement I would suspect that he simply does not posses the temperament necessary to stand up for a position that anyone, anywhere may disagree with.So I am completely unsurprised that he would edit out my comments while retaining the criticism of said comments. Not only would allowing my comments to stand alienate much of his fanbase it would invite a debate that his fanbase can not win

This is because my statements can not be be argued. It does not matter whether we are discussing John Flynt or Bruce Jenner, or any other supposed “transexual”

There is no such thing. Not yet. There will come a day when men can become women, and vice versa (at least assuming the zombie apocalypse never happpens) but that day is not today. Nor is it likely to be tomorrow. And the day it does come to pass? Be afraid, because on that day I will finally become werewolf, and all of you reading this will naught but red bloody meat being torn off in my great jaws. 😉

Oh and Hampus Eckerman, Kevin Standlee, Mike Glyer, or anyone else who disagrees, feel free to comment. No matter what you say you will not be censored. Because I am not afraid of what you say, can you say the same?