This is hilarious. I mean that it is literally one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. Now I realize that many will say that this was meant as a dystopian future, a work of horror if you will. But its so deliciously over the top that it crosses the event horizon of absurdity into the realm of brilliance. I’ve seen works that satirize other works; but a work that is a satire of itself? It’s like an ouroboros  of piss taking. In fact, (and I mean this perfectly seriously) I’m not sure even Sir Pterry was ever ale to write a satire this delicious. Just read this.

“You know how those rich young Corporate sadists took over?” Sorva said. “A bunch of people like you said it could be worse. They’re just boys being boys. No use in fighting them. It’s easier to stay quiet than get harassed. Now we’re fulfilling their little perversions and writing their brand messages. You know eventually they come for everybody, right? Not just the ones who speak up. Everybody.”

Bev shrugged. “I haven’t been fired yet. At least I can work.”

Sorva held her tongue. She had once watched a colleague of hers, a female developer, stripped bare by her male colleagues and doused with a keg of beer. They threw ping pong balls at her until they got distracted by some reality TV lynching show on PublicaNet. After she complained, the woman was fired for being “too sensitive.” That’s when Sorva took on her male identity. Because if that could happen to the best developer she’d ever met, Sorva didn’t stand a chance.

And it only gets better. Simply observe the elegant, almost effortless mockery of the SJW view of what the world would look like without them

Taddeus Ik, the Master Creative Guru, nodded sagely. “Do not mistake us,” he said. “We understand that you need a break from pure corporate work, which is why we created the Business Development Award. We absolutely support diverse ideas. You are absolutely free to write about whatever religion you’d like. There are a half dozen Christian denominations that are CEO-approved. There are over thirty-six incorporated states of the American Conglomerate which you could use as the setting for your work, across 150 years of approved history.”

He scrolled through the misty projected workspace on his table; from Sorva’s angle, it was opaque. “And yes, I see here we have approved very diverse living arrangements for depiction as well. In addition to married households consisting of one man, one woman, up to three mistresses, and six children, it is also permissible to include families with just four children now. Very generous, that change.”

I, Mars Ultor, being of sound mind and body, do attest and affirm that this is absolute brilliance. I haven’t laughed so hard in a very very long time. Ms Hurley please, I beg you to write more of these “Dystopian Tales of Puppyworld”, With Sir Pterry gone, we need someone who can write something this funny. In return I promise that from now on, if anyone dares to suggest that SJW’s can’t write good comedy I will simply point them to this post to refute them. SJW’s can write brilliant comedy, they just can’t do it intentionally. Hmm now that I think of it I suspect her Hugo Award winning essay “‘We Have Always Fought’: Challenging the ‘Women, Cattle and Slaves’ Narrative” was probably just as hilarious, judging from the title i’m betting it was all kinds of ridiculous.