Imagine for a moment someone who was born and raised in the most hateful place imaginable. From the time they were born they were taught that certain people are so evil, so irredeemable, that they had to be executed on sight. Imagine a child whose entire upbringing in so steeped in hatred that the word to describe these people is the worse epithet that can used. Every story, every lesson, every interaction that this child sees further reinforces this hatred.

Now imagine that a child of this culture is endowed with powers and abilities far beyond those of regular mortals. Strength beyond what any other has ever had. Speed greater than than the human eye is capable of perceiving. A resilience greater than that of steel. This child, raised and nourished in a hateful culture is the perfect example of this culture. A child of its ruler, given the best mental, physical and emotional education that the culture can produce.

Now imagine that this child, now grown to adulthood is then introduced to a pluralistic society where not only are “those people” allowed to live, but have actually managed to become the dominant group in that culture. What would this child of hate do?

If you said that this child of hate would declare war on said culture, and work tirelessly to tear it down then you have made the logical conclusion. You would also, at least according to DC Comics, William Moulton Marston, and virtually every feminist comic book fan that has ever lived, be wrong.

Because as you have probably figured out by now I am of course talking about Diana Prince, AKA Princess Diana of Themyscira, AKA Wonder Woman. And whether you like it or not, for the vast majority of her history, the woman should have been a supervillain. That the Island of Themyscrira is the single most hateful, prejudiced, and bigoted place on the face of the earth can not be disputed. For most of her publication history it was a capital crime for a man to even step foot on the island.

And yet, somehow, this woman who was raised in the ultimate culture of hatred, who was born and educated on the single most sexist place on earth, came to “Man’s world” in order to teach it about equality? Yes, she was created in an age when the people who wrote and read comic books didn’t think much about what they were reading or writing. Yes she was created by a man with some very weird ideas about the relation of the sexes. But still, in the many decades since she was created how many people have ever actually examined the fundamental contradictions between her upbringing and her actions?

As a thought exercise I want you to imagine the most radical, the most misandrist women you know. The kind who think all heterosexual sex is rape, the ones who believe that all men are inherently evil. Then imagine that these women and all those who share their views are given their own country, and the technology to reproduce without any males. Imagine what that culture would be like after thousands of years, and then imagine that the daughter of their queen was given powers equal to pre-crisis superman. If that mental picture didn’t scare you, then you either have a very limited imagination, or there is something very very wrong with you.