As I may have mentioned I’m working on a few books. One in particular has characters that I can see, hear, and depending on my alcohol consumption speak to; but I can’t visualize their spells. Mainly because I don’t know enough about the religions in question to build their spell sets. So I figure I’d try to crowdsource it. The characters are loosely what we might consider clerics, in other words they are users of religious magic. The problem is I am not a member of either of their religions and don’t know much about the existing folklore. One is Jewish, the other is Hindu.

So can anyone who reads this point me to some good online resources for Jewish and Hindu folklore with an emphasis on magic? And before anyone points to it yes I’m familiar with the tale of Rabbi Loew of Prague but I really don’t want to my Battle Rabbi to be a one trick pony. I’m also looking for good resources on Jewish and Hindu mysticism, philosophy, theology.

Any good resources on Catholic saints and angels would also be helpful.