According to Mike Glyer over at file770 The number of supporting memberships to Sasquan has exploded. Between March 31 and April 12 of this year the number of Attending Memberships increased by 178. The number of supporting memberships increased by 1352. To put that into perspective there were a total 3137 votes overall in the category best novel in 2014.

Think about that, in less than two weeks almost half as many people became supporting members as voted in the most popular Hugo category last year.

Now obviously I don’t know that all of those are puppy supporters. In fact I doubt that all of them are. According to Mary Robinette Kowal she and some of her anonymous friends have sponsored (or have pledged to sponsor anyway) at least 81 supporting memberships for Sasquan for those who can’t afford to purchase one themselves. And despite her civility when posting on MHN and Brad Torgersen’s blog, I think we can safely assume that most of these sponsored memberships are not going to be going to puppy-lovers.

However given the huge controversy that has sprung up since the Puppy Powered Nomination Blowout Announcement, and further given that the Chorfwaffen SS are the kind of people who have been attending the various cons for decades; I do think its safe to assume that a great many of these are in fact puppy adjacent at the very least. And since you can purchase a supporting membership online until approximately July 25th and still get your credentials in time for the voting cutoff on July 31, that means that there is still 14 weeks in which to purchase a supporting membership, read the nominations and vote.

Supporting memberships increased by more than 1350 in less than two weeks and there are still 14 weeks to go. That means that not only will this years awards be voted on by more people than any Hugo award in decades, there is the potential for there to be more people voting for this years Hugo awards than at any time in its entire history. And regardless of who these people are, so long as they read the nominated works and vote accordingly, the chances of the Chorfwaffen SS being able to make this the “No Awards” show is very low, and getting lower all the time.

More to the point, every single person who purchases a supporting membership this year automatically gets the right to nominate next year as well. Which means that I expect even more great stuff to be nominated next year, and even less dinosaur fantasy romance revenge crap. (Warning! The linked to story may cause screaming rage, headaches, aneurysm, vomiting, extreme boredom, and a complete loss of faith in humanity.)

But if there is less crap on next years ballot, it wont be because the SJW’s have learned their lesson. They are incapable of doing so. As proof see this gem of “quality science fiction writing” that absolutely fails at even understanding its own premise “The day the World turned upside down” which shows that the writer didn’t even bother to think through his own premise, or how buildings are constructed, or well anything really.

Now understand I’m not saying its a bad story if you like physics challenged world building mixed with an emo tale of a man dealing with a breakup. It is certainly far better written (despite being a translation from a foreign language) than Dino-shit was. And while its clear that the author didn’t fully think out his premise, it does have a plot, things actually happen, and it is an interesting idea even if not IMHO all that well executed. But how on earth anyone felt that it deserved to be included in a list of the best science fiction and fantasy of the year is beyond me. And when reading it in comparison to say Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Earth to Alluvium, which was one of the Sad Puppy nominees in the same category its clear that the difference is like night and day.

And that folks, despite what anyone tells you is what Sad Puppies 3 was all about, getting great sci-fi and fantasy back on the ballot instead of the SJW/CHorfwaffen SS/Tru-fen approved crap that usually winds up on the ballot and winning. And the fight has only just begun. There are still 14 weeks to do your part to take back the Hugo awards in the name of quality sci-fi and fantasy. So go out and get your supporting membership, tell everyone you know that “You can vote for the Hugo Awards“, read every nominee you can and vote for what you like best. Because when we all read and vote for what we like best, everybody wins.