Hello imaginary reader. I know you’re imaginary because wordpress keeps statistics that seem to update instantly. That seems very cruel to this forgotten old god. It feels like rubbing salt in a wound, but then what do i know? The last time I saw someone sacrifice to me was in the HBO series Rome. But I digress. What I meant to say was You Can Vote for the Hugo Awards! Yes You!  It doesn’t matter if you didn’t nominate anyone. You can still buy a supporting Sasquan membership and vote on the Hugo Awards! Yes a  schlub like you. You there in your underwear, you too can vote. You the guy whose been playing COD for the last 16 hours, You Can vote for the hugo awardsYou over there reading this on your i-phone while driving WATCH THE DAMN ROAD! But once you get out of the car You can vote for the Hugo Awards! Anyone and Everyone can vote for the hugo awards as long as you have 40 bucks. Don’t have feet but you do have forty bucks? Then you can vote for the Hugo Awards! All you have to do to Vote for the Hugo awards is to clink on You can vote for the hugo awards! and buy a supporting membership for Sasquan and then You can vote for the hugo awards! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been to a con in your life as long as you love reading Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and you have forty smackerooolies then You can vote for the Hugo awards! And not only that, but for 40 bucks you’re going to get a whole lot of really cool books in the E-packet. What’s the E-packet you ask? Well for the last few years its become customary for the Hugo folks to send every registered voter all of the works up for consideration on that years ballot. Thats 5 novels, 5 novella’s, 5 short stories, etc. And its all stuff written by awesome writers like Jim Butcher, Tom Kratman and Micheal Z Williamson! And then after you read all the great stuff they wrote, You can vote for the hugo awards!

Addendum added 4/17/2015

In response to a comment from a reader I wish to add that while WSFS voting closes on July 31st, Ms Linda Denerof of the WSFS has recommended that you purchase your supporting membership before July 25th in order to ensure you have the credentials needed to vote online.