Sad Puppies 3 was a raging success. Maybe even too much of a success. I personally had nothing to do with that. I did write an occasional supportive comment, but I did not (yet) purchase a supporting membership, nor did I nominate anything, nor did I produce anything worth being included on the slate. I did not contribute. I would like to change that.

In a prior post I outlined (in brief) an idea I had. And as far as SP3 goes, it did not seem to go over well. However I still think it might be a good idea for SP4, so I would like to elaborate.

SP1 was all about Larry Correia trying to determine whether or not the Hugo awards were miscounting, under counting, or otherwise playing shenanigans with the votes. Using his Combat Accounting skills he determined that it was not. SP2 was an attempt to get a few good works onto the ballots. They did so, and a certain segment of fandom gleefully ensured that they won nothing. SP3 was about getting as many good works onto the ballot as possible and was a rousing, wild success.

Now Kate Paulk, aka Kate the Impaler, aka Mistress Paulk, aka The death that writes, aka KayPee Pointy (well ok maybe I made up the last few) has taken the reins from Brad Torgersen (Great war-chief of SP3) for SP4.

Now keep in mind, that SP4 is, for now, only in the conceptual stages. The actual campaign will not begin until after the actual Hugo Awards on August 22nd. At least that’s my understanding, but I could be wrong. In my personal opinion, I think the next step for SP4 is to switch focus from the writers, or the works, to the voters. As in I think it should be about expanding the pool of nominators and voters as much as possible. This year there were 2122 ballots cast in the nomination stage, and for what is billed as the “Most prestigious Award in Sci-fi and Fantasy” that is way too small. Think about it, that’s smaller than most small towns. Hell I bet Cazador Alabama has a bigger population than that.

In my earlier post, I suggested a widget that would allow those who purchased at least a supporting membership, to get a special discount from various authors. Keep in mind I have no knowledge of Coding, Publishing, or Self-Publishing (other than this blog which I’m pretty sure is only read by myself). So I don’t know if that’s possible or practical. But I do believe that this year, the puppies need to focus on increasing the size of the electorate. That IMHO should be the goal. Because whether the Chorfwaffen SS succeed in turning the 2015 Hugo Award’s into the Noah Ward show or not, the pool is too damn small. The fact that the Puppies (both Sad and Rabid) were able to so thoroughly dominate is proof of that.

So we need to “Make the pie higher” to quote a great man. We need to make the pool so damn big that it doesn’t matter whether or not the Chorf’s are still pissing in it. Hell we need to take the pool and make it into an ocean. So how can we do that?

I still think that authors need to mobilize their fan bases. I still think the best way to do that is to offer reasonable discounts to those who can prove that they have become supporting members recently. I just don’t know how that would work. I don’t have the knowledge or the skills to make it happen. But I bet Kate knows people who do. I bet Larry and Brad, and everyone else who made SP3 such a huge success do.

But again, I also want to be able to contribute. So I will be writing a lot of post’s this year exhorting people to sign up. I will talk about what a great deal the E-packet usually is. I will talk about how exciting it can be to have a say in “The most prestigious Award in Sci-Fi and Fantasy”. Once I figure out how I will put a perma-link to the current Sasquan Supporting membership page in a prominant place here, so that both of my readers (and any fool who visits this old god) can go straight to it. In the meantime, if anyone else is actually reading this just click here!