A few days ago I made a proposal for something I thought could help The Puppies, Whether they Sad, Brad, or Rabid. I posted links to the idea in various comments. And the few responses were not very enthusiastic. Pete, a commentator over at MHN thought it was an attempt to get some discounted books. Mr Correia himself did not reply, so I can only assume he wasn’t overly impressed, or more likely that he was too busy to ever see it. Amanda Green over at The Mad Genius Club said she felt it was a bad idea, and as the only writer associated with either group of Puppies to respond directly to me, I reckons that’s that.

Such is life.

I had hoped it was one of those simple ideas that everyone likes, but evidently it was one of the ones that only sounds like genius to me. I get a lot of those.

I do however believe that SP3, and RP, were honest attempts to get more fans involved, to get better books nominated and in front of the voters, and that they both worked far better than anyone including the people who created the campaigns ever dreamed. I also believe SP4 will do the same and I look forward to it as well. And Who knows, maybe Kate Paulk will want to use the idea for SP4. Or Maybe some of you indie authors who sell your work on Amazon will find a way to put this into practice. In fact the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this might work better for indie authors than those who are traditionally published. But then maybe its just that this God really is crazy?