I’ve been watching the entire beautiful Hugo saga for some time now. Watching talented, motivated fans rise up and take the fight straight to the lickspittle, SJW crowd has been a true treat. The comments section at Monster Hunter Nation, Mad Genius club, According to Hoyt, Brad Torgersen’s, John Wright’s, and others across the varied puppysphere are triumphant, gracious, and impassioned, except when discussing the libelous articles, inane accusations, and vitriolic rhetoric being directed towards themselves and their fans and their friends.

Then they get their dander up. Heh. I like when they get their dander up. That’s when the fun starts.

Meanwhile the Chorfwaffen SS, are wailing with the throats and gnashing the teeth and being very stampy with the foot. Thier pedantic little rules nazi’s lap dog, is making the rounds saying the exact same thing on every comments board I can see. Something stupid about the Puppy slate being bad block voting that only good block voting can overcome, and making sure everyone one is given the knowing and the telling of the rules so the invisible slate which does not exist and must not be named or hinted in the general direction of is fully aware and prepared to cooperate on the ur-slate.

But that’s not what this post is about. I had me a wee bit of a mental thunder-bumper. What if Mr Correia, Mr Torgersen, et all simply posted a very large, permanent link on their site to Sasquan Membership? And what if they then swore that anyone who provided them with proof of purchase of a supporting membership between now and when the vote closes, would receive some small discount on their own works. Not a Book Bomb, a Membership Bomb. And what if every puppy related author did the same? And what if, and this would really blow the Chorf’s minds; what if every single author who wanted to join the could do so, without needing any ones permission?

Buy a 40 dollar membership and all these authors will give you 10% off on all Amazon purchases for the next 4 months!

That’s a good pitch aint it?

Now I do not posses the sort of skills that would allow me to write the code for a widget that these good men and women could put on their sites, nor do I know how they could all coordinate an amazon discount for those newly accredited voters. But I bet someone who sees this can figure it out. The idea is out there now. I trust the puppies to run with it.