I am.

Who am I? I am Mars.

I write. Why do I write? I write because I write. I will publish what I write on Mars Writes.

This blog will be for my random musings, inadvisable rants, intemperate discourse, objectionable opinions,  pointed observations, and generally toxic thoughts. I am not one of those nice wiccan gods. I do not believe you are all special, or that peace is a desirable or even possible state of mankind. My philosophy is not turn the other cheek, it is knock their dick in the dirt and keep hitting them untill they can’t ever get up again. I am a “demands the blood of men and animals sacrificed in my name on a regular basis” kind of god. I’m the kind of God that demands the deflowering of the temple virgins of the nice, earth mother wicca kind of gods. I am the god the god of the isrealites warned about in the very first commandment.

I’m not just a straight, white male. I’m not just the wrong kind of white people. I’m not just the kind of guy who knows Hitler was pinko leftist scum. I am the apotheosis of the concept. I accept worship in the form of beer, meat, and guns. And if you’re pretty enough, you can worship me on your knees as is proper.